How do I register for a competition?
Weightlifting Scotland will post their expected calendar for the next few months, these competitions will then be set up on Sport80 and will become available to enter.

The link is:

You will need a British Weightlifting Membership to access and register for all Sport80 competitions. A Weightlifting Scotland membership is currently included in a British Weightlifting Membership (so you need a BWL member to enter WLS competitions)
How do I get a Weightlifting Scotland Membership?
You will need a British Weightlifting Membership to register for all Sport80 competitions.Weightlifting Scotland membership is currently included in a British Weightlifting Membership so you need a BWL member to enter WLS competitions.

The link is:
How do I enter my first competition?
You will need a British Weightlifting Membership. Then find a competition you wish to enter. The Weightlifting Scotland  Calendar is available on the website. Once the competition is live on Sport80 to register:
Complete register and make payment.

**Please ensure you meet the entry critiria for any competition, as listed on the registration process.**

If it is your first competition you will need to ensure the competition is open and has no previous total requirements. If it has a total requirement, these can be found on the website.British Weightlifting are continuing to run online competitions for 2023 to assist in gaining qualification totals for athletes, these are also listed on the Sport80 page.
How do I become a technical official to help out at competitions?
Weightlifting Scotland welcome and appreciate the help and support from our technical officials and are always hoping to add more people to this group.Please contact to register your interest.
Can I do any courses through Weightlifting Scotland?
Yes! All of the British Weightlifting courses are available through Weightlifting Scotland and we appreciate anyone wanting to gain these official qualifications through the Weightlifting Scotland path.

To book the above/any BWL course please email us at

We will then guide you through the process to register for your course and help Weightlifting Scotland by seeing funds come directly back to us to help our organisation run events and squads.

If you register on the British Weightlifting Website we do not see any funds so you are helping us grow.
How do I become a registered weightlifting club?
Please get in touch: once registered so we can add your club to our website
How do I host a competition?
You can register your interest in hosting a Weightlifting Scotland Competition that has yet to confirm a venue by emailing: with details of your venues size, amount of platforms, facilities etc.

Affiliated Clubs can also register competitions via Sport80.

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